In summer 2013 two different kinds of music- and nature-concepts take place at lake Saimaa in Finland. You can choose between living in a comfortable lakeside-Villa at ”NatureMusicFinland” and a more economic option with simple but beautiful lakeside-surroundings ”Sounding nature”. Our main concept ”NatureMusicFinland” is especially  designed for all kinds of education and therapy professionals  (teachers, therapists etc.) and it takes place in a very comfortable Villa. The concept ”Sounding Nature” is especially for music education and music therapy students and as well as professionals since it includes daily music workshops in nature guided by a special guest Hannes Heyne from ”Klanghütte Dresden”, Germany. It as well will be organized at lake Saimaa but opposite to ”NatureMusicFinland” in very simple conditions (no running water, showers etc.).

Also other people interested are welcome to participate both projects and you don’t necessarily need any previous musical skills. If you are interested in the concept ”NatureMusicFinland” please continue through all parts of this homepage. All the information about ”Sounding Nature” can be found below its own topic.